Walking through it All…


Enjoying a fall day 🙂

 I know many of you must be wondering what happened to the Black Muslim Girl. I’m very sorry for not writing in well…let’s see 8 months. To be honest I was going through a lot and I almost abandoned writing but no matter how close I get to quitting I’m always saved from its hungry arms. I hope you all are well. I wasn’t able to wish you all a blessed New Year. I pray you all are having a blessed one. Furthermore, I pray that only light will guide your way. I don’t say Happy New Year…because happy is  blindly optimistic. Of course I’m wishing you a happy New Year but the truth of the matter is that life is full of struggles, pains, barriers, “you name it”, hence, I think wishing you a blessed New Year is one million times better than a happy one. Now I hope you all aren’t thinking that I’m horribly pessimistic. I’m not. Honestly I’m not. Rather, I am frank. Life contains positivity and negativity. Everyday we wake up…just waking up on its own is a struggle. Some of us, sadly, don’t make it to the next day. Throughout our day we face ups and downs but these fluctuations help each of us learn and grow. Struggle is a part of the journey to attain fulfillment and success. So again I’m wishing you all a Blessed 2015 with many happy and memorable moments. And I pray that on those sad days for you to remember that after conquering those days you will eventually see light on the other side…..You don’t believe me? Then it’s time to check how strongly connected you are with the Creator. Are you living correctly? Are you thinking well? Are you eating well? These are all things which play a substantial role on our lives…and unfortunately sometimes we look these things over. Instead, we allow ourselves to shrivel into shells; slowly being consumed by something we can easily fight of. With that said don’t let those bad days win. Conquer them. You have breath. Don’t give up.


That Black Muslim Girl 🙂 


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