“Coded Identities”

Its Friday night everyone! (Smiles with enthusiasm but then realizes spring break is almost over, darn) This week has passed by so fast. Between community service, studying, blogging, and vlogging its been an interesting experience. In my next blog I will be sharing the great  history I learned about Newark, NJ while doing community service during this week. As for today, I will be sharing a link to a vlog I just uploaded on YouTube discussing identities. You may be thinking who are these two passionate  Muslimahs standing on stage? But it goes beyond our image. We are in a time where Islamophobia is everywhere. The religion of Islam has been publicized in a light which allows many to believe that it is a religion of hate, murder, and evil. This is wrong. Islam, is a religion of peace and beauty just like our two other Abrahamic faiths; Christianity and Judaism. In every religion you will find some who will manipulate the actual beliefs and develop something which is totally contrary to the original belief. In a time where media portrays Muslims and Islam as a religion of crazy, cultic, evil terrorists it is easy to feel overwhelmed. “Who are Muslims? What is Islam? Are they actually into decapitating heads? They’re all some crazy fanatics!” This isn’t ISLAM. ISLAM comes from the root word Salaam which means peace.  Look it’s okay for you to think I’m speaking from a bias standpoint since I’m Muslim myself, but if I don’t then who will? If people like me don’t speak then those who are ignorant will never find clarification. It is important to stand up and speak on what you believe in. And I believe that Islam is a religion of peace and beauty. If you don’t please do yourself and the world a favor by educating yourself. Don’t rely on Google…especially Wikipedia (rolls her eyes). Use sources which are connected to scholars (although I must admit some articles with no connection to scholars can be beneficial). Finally, take it to the next step by going to a masjid, speak to a Muslim, ask questions and be open minded. Trust me many times your intentions will dictate your answer.

Well that’s enough on that (for now. :-)). I pasted the link to a spoken word performance from last week. The poem was a collaboration between myself, Habeebah Yasin and Zainab Poonawalla. We each wrote about how identity effects us individually and then we combined our thoughts to build this poem. It was interesting seeing how different thoughts can sometimes speak through one mouthpiece. We hope you enjoy our piece we wrote together and please share & subscribe to both my blog and vlog.

~That Black Muslim Girl


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